What We do

why we are here


The Lakewood Recovery Group was born out of a need for recovery, unity, fellowship and support, in the Lakewood community. 

The Lakewood Recovery Group meets weekly for our regular recovery meeting. This meeting and the fellowship is open to all in or seeking recovery, within the Lakewood community.

Our goal is to make available, through our own experience, the ability to recover from various addictions. We are not a rehab, detox, or professional form of therapy. We are merely a group of recovered members of the community who want to share what we have and accomplished with the members of the community that are seeking it.

We are a not for profit group, supported by its own members. Please feel free to reach out to us if you feel you can benefit from what we offer.

We are not a 12 step fellowship, we are a mix of members who participate and attend respective 12 step programs. It is our recommendation for new members to seek membership in respective 12 step fellowships as well.

Frequently Used Terms

Someone with recovery experience who helps another person work through a 12-step program.
The book entitled Alcoholics Anonymous and published by AA, often referred to as the Big Book, or the Big Blue Book
A common acronym for 4 things to be mindful of in recovery. Hungry, Angry, Lonely and Tired
The book called the Basic Text is the basic text and guideline for the Narcotics Anonymous program of recovery
The book called the 12 Steps and 12 traditions is a book written by Bill Wilson, Cofounder of Alcoholics Anonymous. This book is a series of essays on each of the 12 steps as well as essays on each of the 12 traditions of alcoholics anonymous. Commonly referred to as the 12 and 12
Defined as abstaining from mind and mood altering substances
Generally a term used by members of Alcoholics Anonymous, usually referring to being removed from using alcohol and other drugs, and living a healthy recovery way of life.
Similar to Sober, Clean is normally used by members of the Narcotics Anonymous program, meaning very much the same thing as Sober